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Video tutorials for library research strategies and resources.

Accessing the Wall Street Journal

1. Access the Wall Street Journal database link from the listing of A-Z Library Databases. You may also use the direct database link.

2. Log in with your Office 365 account (SF and college password). If you are already logged in via Office 365, you will not see this prompt.

3. The first time you access the Wall Street Journal, you will need to complete your account registration. You will be able to choose your own password.

4. Be sure to choose the correct account type: Professor, Staff, or Student. The Professor account type will provide more curriculum integration options.

5. You will also need to agree to the terms of use. If desired, you may uncheck the box allowing email communication. Once your account is created, you will not see this prompt again.

6. You now have full access to all content from the Wall Street Journal.