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Video tutorials for library research strategies and resources.

Accessing Library Databases Video Tutorial

Accessing Library Databases from Lawrence W. Tyree Library on Vimeo.

This video tutorial will demonstrate how to access library databases to locate articles and other subscription content.

To access library databases and read articles, click the gray Databases button at on the library website.

‚ÄčYou may also access this link through eSantaFe by clicking Study Tools and Library Databases, or through eStaff by clicking Additional Information and Library Databases.

The database listings can be navigated several different ways. First, the Library lists its Recommended Databases. These are databases that are used frequently and are good places to start research.

If you know the name of a database, you can find it alphabetically in the main list. Either scroll down, or use the linked letter shortcuts to navigate more efficiently.

You can also limit databases by subject by clicking the All Subjects drop-down and choosing a relevant subject category. This will show you subject-specific databases that are more likely to contain relevant articles for your topic.

In a subject category, pay attention to databases listed in the box labeledBest Bets. These are particularly useful databases within this category that are recommended by the librarians.

While most library databases contain mainly articles, some contain eBooks or digital content such as music or artwork.

Regardless of how you locate a database, click the title to access it. Many databases will also have a tutorial link, which will show you how to search and navigate the database.

To log in, your username is your SF ID number On the next screen, enter your college password.

This concludes the video tutorial on accessing library databases. If you still have questions, please contact a librarian:

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