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Video tutorials for library research strategies and resources.

NewsBank Video Tutorial

NewsBank from Lawrence W. Tyree Library on Vimeo.

This video tutorial will show you how to locate and access newspaper articles from the library database NewsBank.

To access library databases, click the gray Databases button on the library website.

NewsBank is listed in the Library’s Recommended Databases. This database allows you to search through newspapers from around the nation, including the Gainesville Sun. To access this database, click its title.

To log in, your username is your SF ID number On the next screen, enter your college password.

By default, NewsBank searches across a variety of news sources from within the United States. This includes newspapers, newswires, news magazines, and more.

If you do not yet have a topic, or wish to see which topics are currently in the news, you can browse the Suggested Topics area below the search box. For example, clicking Business and Economics provides categories such as Agriculture, Consumer Issues, and the Global Economy, with relevant topics listed under each.

Once you choose a topic, you will be taken to a preset search, with relevant articles in the results.

Another option to explore topics is the Special Reports section. Click the button on the right sidebar, under Quick Links, to view these reports.

Special Reports are updated frequently to reflect current topics. Reports consist of various articles, background data, images, and more resources.

Back on the main search screen, the blue buttons under Quick Links will allow you to quickly limit a search to the Gainesville Sun, major metro titles, or Florida newspapers. For this example, let's choose to limit to Florida Newspapers.

You can browse through the list of Florida news sources or search within these publications. Enter your keywords into the search bar, and click Search.

In the results, the first lines contain the title of the article. Listed underneath the title are the news source and the publication date. The icon next to the publication date indicates what type of news source it is, such as newspaper in the first example. The gray box on the right provides a snippet of where your keywords were found in the document. To see the full article, click its title.

If you need to limit your search further, you may use the filters on the left. You can limit to a source type, date, source name, and source location.

When you access the full text, the toolbar near the top provides you with options to Cite, Email, Print, and Download the article. You can also copy a direct link back to this article.

If your results are not as relevant as you would like, you may wish to use the Advanced Search option, which is under More Search Options.

One way to limit your results is to change the drop-down box to Lead/First Paragraph. This means your search terms must appear within the first paragraph of the article, and will often result in more relevant articles.

If you would like to limit your search to a specific section, such as an editorial, change the drop-down to Section and type editorial. This will bring back opinion pieces about the topic.

This concludes the video tutorial on NewsBank. If you still have questions, please contact a librarian:

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