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Video tutorials for library research strategies and resources.

Credo Reference Video Tutorial

Credo Reference from Lawrence W. Tyree Library on Vimeo.

This video tutorial will demonstrate how to access online reference books through the library database Credo Reference.

To access library databases, click the gray Databases button on the library website.

Credo Reference is listed in the Library's Recommended Databases list. This database allows you to search through hundreds of online reference books in order to learn the basics about a topic. To access this database, click its title.

To log in, your Borrower ID is your 8-digit Santa Fe ID number without the hyphen. Your PIN is the last 4 digits of your 8-digit SF ID number.

The Credo Reference search screen allows you to search for a topic. Keep your search terms simple for the best results. Credo Reference only includes reference books and some media. It does not include journal articles.

In this example, the search term is Monroe Doctrine. The search results may include Mind Maps, Topic Pages, and relevant entries. You can limit your search by using the options under Filter Your Search. Relevant filters include subject, date, and length.

Titles of entries are in blue. The name of the book an entry is from is in black, under the entry title. There will also be a text snippet from the entry, a word count, and a list of key concepts. Click the title of an entry to view the full text.

The full text of the entry will appear, along with any associated images. To explore more from this book, click the book title. You may also wish to explore related articles, located under Related Searches. There are options to cite, print, and email the entry in the toolbar above the title.

You may also cite the entry by scrolling to the end of the page and choosing the citation style you need. Keep in mind that generated citations are not necessarily correct and you should always double-check them.

Topic Pages have a purple three-box icon next to them in search results. These pages include different articles and media to provide an overview of a topic.

If you are still in need of a topic, then you may find it helpful to use either the topic pages or the mind maps. To browse a listing of topic pages, click a subject under Explore Topic Pages on the front page.

These results will be topic pages within the chosen subject. This screen shows topics in philosophy.

To use a mind map, change the drop-down menu in the search bar to Mind Map. Then type in the subject you want to explore.

Mind maps allow you to quickly view different parts of a broad topic, which can help you to narrow your area of interest into a specific topic. You can click on a subtopic to see more related topics. To the right of the mind map is a list of relevant articles to the topic selected in the map.

This concludes the video tutorial on using Credo Reference. If you still have questions, please contact a librarian:

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