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Linking to Library Content

You may link to many different types of library content, including eBooks, articles, and streaming videos, in your classes. However, it is important to use correctly formatted links to ensure that students can access the resource.

Copy and paste links into the following link corrector tool, which will ensure that links will prompt users to log in and authenticate through Santa Fe College. Please let us know if a link isn't working!

Library Guide Canvas Tool

By default, Canvas courses include a Library Guide link in the side navigation that maps to the library subject guide most relevant to your course. Library subject guides connect students to research and resources within a discipline, including recommended library databases, search terms, tutorials, and other links. By including a link within Canvas, your students will have direct access to library resources and research strategies relevant to their course.

Library Guide link in side navigation

Similar to other side navigation links, you may disable this link in the Settings area of your course.

Embed Videos

The Library subscribes to three streaming video databases: Films on Demand, Kanopy, and Swank. You are able to embed to videos in our collection directly in Canvas. Choose the tab for each database to view instructions.

The Library's streaming video database, Films on Demand, contains thousands of documentaries and educational videos that can be embedded directly within Canvas. You may embed these videos on pages, announcements, quizzes, assignments, and discussion boards.

Click the Apps icon, which looks like a plug. You may need to click the three dot menu first.

Then choose Films on Demand from the list of apps.

You will then be able to search for relevant videos. Click the Embed button next to a video to embed it into Canvas.

Embed option

Kanopy mostly consists of educational documentaries. Please note that not all search results in Kanopy are part of our collection; videos in the results section labeled "videos you can request for your library" have not been purchased by the Library.

To embed Kanopy videos in Canvas, navigate to the desired video and click the Share button.

Share button in Kanopy

Next, click the Embed option. You may also choose to copy the provided link.

Embed link in Kanopy

Copy the embed code.

Kanopy embed code

In Canvas, navigate to the page, discussion question, announcement, or other location in which you wish to embed the video. Click the icon that looks like two carets with a slash. This opens the HTML editor.

HTML editor in Canvas

Paste the embed code where you would like the video.

Pasted embed code in Canvas

Swank does not have an option to embed videos within Canvas. Instead, you can share a link.

On the desired video, click the Share Button.

The Direct Link is a simple link. The LMS Link is a bit of code that you may paste that provides the name of the film.

To use the LMS Link, navigate to the page, discussion question, announcement, or other desired location in Canvas. Click the icon that looks like two carets with a slash. This opens the HTML editor.

HTML editor in Canvas

Paste the copied LMS link code.

Pasted Swank LMS Link code in Canvas

This is how the LMS Link shows for students:

Student view of LMS Link code

Build Your Own Library Modules

The Library has created a number of online lessons available to be imported into Canvas. You can create your own library module by choosing the most relevant lessons for your class. If you'd like a customized module or lessons for your class, you make a request through the Library Instruction Form and choose Canvas Embedded Librarian.

Accessing Canvas Commons

To access Canvas Commons, log in to Canvas, and then click the Commons icon in the left navigation bar.

Commons icon

The first time you access Canvas Commons, you will need to authorize the access.

Searching for SF Library Lessons

There are several collections of materials available for you to search.

Search uPick to see general library lessons, covering topics such as books, databases, evaluating websites, citations, and more.

uPick Library Module

Search Business Research Toolbox to see library lessons specifically geared for business programs.

Business Research Toolbox

Importing Into Your Classes

Once you find a relevant lesson, click the Import/Download button and choose the appropriate class(es) from the list.


If a lesson has been updated, you will see a notification upon entering Canvas Commons.

Update notification

Click the Updates link to see what has changed. To update the lessons in your classes, click the Update button.