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Library Instruction

Library instruction is one way that students learn how to effectively research and become more information literate; one study showed that 73% of polled students did not know what college research entails (Head, 2007). Beyond providing the pure mechanics of research, library instruction provides a touchpoint for students to connect to the library and recognize who they can reach out to for help. Additionally, research has shown that students who attend a library instruction session "have a statistically significant higher chance than their peers of being retained" (O'Kelly et al., 2023).

We strongly encourage all instructors with a research component in their classes to schedule some form of library instruction. We offer traditional library visits as well as custom library modules, webinars, guided research sessions, flipped library sessions, and more.

All sessions are customized for each class based on the assignment and goals of the instructor. Teaching at a Center? No problem! The librarians will travel to any SF location.

Request an Instruction Session

Due to scheduling constraints:

  • Daytime classes must be scheduled at least one week in advance.
  • Evening and weekend classes must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance, and Flipped Library Instruction must be scheduled at least one month in advance.

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Please check the instruction calendar This link opens in a new window to make sure your requested time is available.

Instruction Request Forms

Please choose from the following instruction request form options.

SLS 1101 Scavenger Hunt
Introduction to library services and scavenger hunt assignment for SLS 1101 classes.
Library Instruction Session
Instructors may request a general introductory session or a session specifically geared toward a class assignment.
Browsing Session
Browsing sessions consist of class visits to the Tyree Library on the Northwest Campus for a structured exploration of physical library collections relevant to a course or assignment. Librarians teach students browsing techniques and highlight key resources/areas; students then explore and locate relevant materials in the library.
Flipped Library Instruction
The librarian provides online instruction in the form of tutorials, webpages, quizzes, etc. via Canvas prior to an instruction session. During the instruction session, students actively apply the knowledge they learned from the online content. Flipped library instruction must be scheduled at least one month in advance.
Research Study Hall
Librarian facilitated session focused on hands-on research for an assignment. No formal instruction included.
Zoom Instruction Session
Online instruction session via Zoom. For sessions using the Library's Zoom room, recordings can be made available.
Canvas Embedded Librarian
Library instruction provided directly into Canvas. Can include tutorials, webpages, quizzes, webinars, etc. 

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