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Faculty Services

Reciprocal Borrowing

Santa Fe College faculty are entitled to borrow up to 10 items from the UF Libraries. You will need your SF ID card to check out items.


The UBorrow system allows you to directly search the library catalogs of the 40 public higher education institutes in Florida (12 state universities and 28 state colleges) in the statewide catalog. You may directly request items be sent to the Tyree Library. Please view the UBorrow video tutorial for more information on this process.

UBorrow from Lawrence W. Tyree Library on Vimeo.

Hello! This video tutorial will demonstrate how to use UBorrow to request books from other Florida libraries.

If you are looking for a specific book, first check the Tyree Library catalog, which is accessed by clicking Catalog on the library website.

Unfortunately, you may occasionally find that the Tyree Library does not have the specific book you are looking for. However, you can still check if the book is available to be requested directly from another Florida college or university. If you are on the Oops! screen, which indicates no results were found, you can click the Statewide Catalog link, as part of the third bullet, to perform your search in that collection.

Alternately, you may directly search the Statewide Catalog. As you type in the search box, you will see options to change your search. Choose the Search in Statewide Catalog option.

The statewide catalog shows books eligible to be borrowed from the 40 Florida institutions of higher education through the UBorrow system. Please note that videos and other multimedia are not available via UBorrow. Click the Check in other libraries link to learn more.

You will need to sign in in order to request the book. Click the Sign in link.

Choose the Office 365 option.

Sign in, if prompted, using your Office 365 account. You might not see this screen if you are logged in elsewhere to Canvas or your Office 365 email.

Once you are logged in, you will see the UBorrow Request option.

You will need to specify a Pickup Location. If you wish to pick up the book at the Library, choose the default Santa Fe/Northwest Campus. If you attend classes at an SF Center, choose the Center you prefer. You do not need to add or change anything else.

Items requested via UBorrow are typically available within a week or two. Check your SF email address for the pick-up notice. You will pick up the book at either the Tyree Library Circulation Desk or at the reception desk for a Center. UBorrow books are typically checked out to you for 45 days.

To view the status of a request, click your name and then choose My Requests.

This screen shows all the item you have requested and their status.

This concludes the video tutorial on using UBorrow. If you need help requesting a book or have any other questions, please contact a librarian.

Building Y, NW Campus

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Looking for a book not available via UBorrow or an article not in the library databases? Fill out the interlibrary loan form to request a copy. This is a free service.