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Art History Module: Lesson 1: Introduction to the Library

The Lawrence W. Tyree Library

The Lawrence W. Tyree Library serves all Santa Fe College students, faculty and staff. The library building (building Y on the Northwest Campus) is 65,000 square feet and three stories high, with generous space for the collection, leisure seating, quiet study, and media viewing. Our collection includes over 178,000 items including books, eBooks, journals, magazines, newspapers, music, movies, and online research databases. Whether you need a quiet place to study, research for an assignment, a course reserve item, or a place to check email, the Library is the place to go on campus for all your information needs. In addition, there are substantial resources available online, allowing you to access eBooks and articles from home or at a Center.

Your Library Card

Your Santa Fe College ID card is your library card, and will allow you to check out library materials, including books, videos, and equipment. Students may check out up to 10 items from the Library.

You may obtain your ID/library card from S-147, the Student Activities Office in the (S) Building on the Northwest Campus. For questions about ID/library cards, call the Student Activities Office at 352-395-5912. 

Library Hours

The Library's regular hours are:

  • Monday - Thursday: 7 a.m. - 10 p.m.
  • Friday: 7 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • Saturday: noon - 6 p.m.
  • Sunday: noon - 8 p.m.

A reference librarian is always on duty to assist users whenever the Library is open. When classes are not in session, the Library is open Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. The Library is closed the weekend of a College holiday that falls on a Friday or Monday. During final exam period, the Library provides additional extended hours.

Library Collections

When searching the library catalog for items, you may encounter different collections located within the Library. Here is the information about each of them:



Access Information

Loan Information

1st floor


Ask at Circulation Desk

In-library-use only

1st floor

General Magazines & Newspapers

Ask at Circulation Desk

In-library-use only

1st floor

Classroom Collection

Ask at Circulation Desk

In-library-use only

2nd floor


Request via the catalog

Check out for 2 weeks

2nd floor


Ask at Reference Desk

In-library-use only

2nd floor

Youth Collection

Request via the catalog

Check out for 2 weeks

3rd floor


Request via the catalog

Check out for 2 weeks



Read or watch online

View online, may be available to download

If an item says Circulating or Available, it can be checked out. If an item says NonCirculating or In Library Use, it do not leave the Library (but you can copy or scan!). If you are at a Center and need information from a noncirculating item, contact a librarian to request a scan.

Test Yourself!

True or False: Items in the Media Collection can be checked out.

True. Items in the Media Collection may check out for two weeks.

The Library Website

Just about everything we will cover in these lessons is accessible from the Lawrence W. Tyree Library website. The Library's website is the central access to information available from the Library and is the best place to start your research for any class. Whether you have a research assignment or you just want to locate study space, the library website will help you find what you are looking for.

This page can be accessed from or by going to the SF webpage (, and choosing the Library icon on the far right.

Library link on SF homepage

From the Library's home page the areas you will be visiting the most are the gray navigation buttons under the main image and the left navigation area. These are the major areas of our website.

Library homepage

Library Guides

Almost every discipline or area at Santa Fe College has a research guide available for you to find the best resources. Research guides will typically include search strategies, recommendations for books and databases, and suggested websites.

Click the Guides button and then choose Subject Guides to see a listing.

Guides link on library website

One of the most useful resources on the library website is the Art History research guide, found by clicking GuidesSubject Guides and then choosing Art History. This guide pulls together recommended resources and search strategies for researching art.

Art History research guide

Need Research Help?

Librarians in Bitmoji form

Need help? Click the Research Help button.

This page will give you the various ways to contact a librarian. Our reference librarians are available to assist students, faculty and staff all hours that the Library is open. The librarians can help you with a class assignment, research, or just find a good book to read. Stop by the 2nd floor Reference Desk for help. Librarians can also provide assistance by phone, email or chat, so you can receive research help even if you can't come into the Library.

Test Yourself!

What is the phone number to contact a reference librarian for help?