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Art History Module: Lesson 2: Books & eBooks

How to Search for Books

To locate books and eBooks related to your topic, you will need to search the library catalog.

  1. From the Library's website, click the Catalog button to access the library catalog:

    Catalog button

  2. Type keywords for what you would like to find in the search box and click Search.
    Note: It is recommended that you search as broadly as possible in the library catalog

    anywhere = "mona lisa"

  3. Click Place a Hold to request books and media. The stacks are currently closed, so you will not be able to retrieve the item yourself. Log in with your Borrower ID (SF ID number) and PIN (last 4 digits of SF ID number) and select Santa Fe/Northwest Campus to pick it up at the Circulation Desk. You may check out up to 10 books for 2 weeks.
    Place a Hold link in the library catalog
  4. eBooks may be read online by clicking the Click here to view this eBook link. Use your Office 365 log in to access the full text.
    eBook link in catalog record
  5. Expand your search even more by clicking the UBorrow icon icon in the upper right corner after searching. This will expand your search to the full catalogs of all 12 Florida public universities and 28 state colleges. You will be able to request items directly from the catalog. View our UBorrow tutorial for more information. Please note that in order to log into the UBorrow system, your Borrower ID is your SF ID number (no dash) and your PIN is the last 4 digits of your SF ID number.

Test Yourself!

Use the library catalog to find the book Art: A Visual History by Robert Cumming.

What is the call number of the book?

N31 .C86 2015

Ways to Search

By Work

Try typing the name of your work in the catalog as an anywhere search, enclosing the title in quotation marks.

catalog search for: anywhere = "mona lisa"

By Artist

If nothing comes up about your work, expand by typing the name of the artist, if known. Books about an artist will often cover many different works and an overall analysis of themes and techniques.

catalog search for: author = leonardo da vinci

By Time Period or Theme

You can also try searching for themes or time periods. Here are some suggested searches:


  • Art, Prehistoric
  • Art, Ancient
  • Art, Medieval
  • Art, Gothic
  • Cave paintings
  • Mural painting and decoration, Ancient
  • Painting, Medieval


  • Art, Renaissance
  • Painting, Renaissance
  • Sculpture, Renaissance
  • Art, Baroque
  • Art, Rococo
  • Art, Romanesque
  • Art, Victorian
  • Art, Modern
  • Modernism (Art)

By Location

Search for the location (city, region, or civilization) plus the word art as a subject heading search.

catalog search for: subject heading = egypt art


  • Art, African
  • Art, Asian
  • Art, Chinese
  • Art, Hindu
  • Art, India
  • Art, Indic
  • Art, Japanese
  • Art, Korean
  • Art, Latin American
  • Maya art


Library Catalog from Lawrence W. Tyree Library on Vimeo.

Hello! In this video tutorial, we will explore how to use the library catalog to locate items held by the Lawrence W. Tyree Library at Santa Fe College.

The library catalog allows you to search for books, eBooks, videos, and streaming videos held by the Library. To access the Library Catalog on the library website, click the Catalog link under the photo of the Library.

It's important to know what you are looking for when using the library catalog. Type your search terms in the search box. The default is a Keyword search, which looks for your terms anywhere in the library catalog. The keyword search returns the most results, but they might not all be as relevant.

Click the Keyword option to change how you search. You can limit search terms to the Title or Author of an item. If you know the Library of Congress subject heading for your topic, choose Subject. Subjects are like hashtags for an item and lead to more relevant results.

Let’s search for a topic. If you are looking for items about a topic, but don’t know the correct subject heading, use the default keyword search. This search is for 'wind energy.'

As you begin typing, there is an option to limit what you are searching. The default search is the Library Catalog. However, you can choose to instead search in the Statewide Catalog to look for books held by other Florida institutions that you can request. View the UBorrow tutorial for more information about that process. To proceed with searching in the library catalog, simply click the search icon.

All results matching your search appear. You can filter your results using the options on the side. For instance, you may wish to limit to a specific type of format, like a print book, or only show results that are available on the shelf.

All search results have a header indicating its format. Items that can be read or watched online have an Available Online link. Items held physically in the Tyree Library include information about the collection and call number. Click the title of an item to learn more.

After clicking a title, the full record appears. This provides more information about an item. The Availability section indicates if an item is online or in a physical format, and how to get it. In this example, the book is available in the Circulating Collection, and it states the item is on the shelf. An item that is already checked out will show Not Available.

To retrieve this item, write down the call number. A call number is an address for the item and allows you to locate it on the shelf. Call numbers in the Tyree Library use the Library of Congress system and will be a combination of letters and numbers.

Finally, click the Locate button to see a map of where the item is physically located. This identifies which of the Library's three floors you should go to, as well as the general area within the floor. This book is on the third floor, within the shaded area.

Use the call number ranges on each shelf to find the correct aisle.

Then, use the call number to locate it on the shelf. Items check out on the first floor with your SF ID card or another valid government-issued ID.

Back in the full record, you may choose to scroll down to the Details section to learn more about the item. Some records include a summary and/or a table of contents, which can help you decide if the item is relevant to your research need.

You should also look at the Subjects. These are the terms you can use to find more relevant items. In this case, wind power is probably the most relevant subject.

Once you have identified possible subjects, you can use those terms in a subject search within the library catalog.

You may keep track of items you have checked out and renew items, which is requesting it for a longer time period, by clicking Sign In.

Choose the Office 365 option.

Sign in, if prompted, using your Office 365 account. You might not see this screen if you are logged in elsewhere to Canvas or your Office 365 email.

Next, click your name and choose My Loans.

On this screen, you can see what items you have checked out and when they are due. You will be able to renew items here as well.

This concludes the video tutorial on using the library catalog. If you have any questions, please contact a librarian.

Building Y, NW Campus

eBooks from Lawrence W. Tyree Library on Vimeo.

Hello! In this video tutorial, we will explore how to use the library catalog to find and read eBooks held by the Lawrence W. Tyree Library at Santa Fe College.

eBooks are books where the full text is available entirely online. There are two ways to search exclusively for eBooks. For the quickest method, use the catalog search box on the Library's website. Click the eBooks tab and then type in a title, author, or topic. All results will be eBooks.

Alternatively, you can use the full library catalog. Click the Catalog button on the library website.

In the library catalog, use the search box to type in your terms.

In this case, click the Keyword option to change it to Author and type in Jane Austen. This will look for books that are written by Jane Austen.

The search results, by default, include all the different formats available in the library collection. To limit to eBooks, click Available online and under Format, choose Books.

The results now show all matching eBooks in the library collection. Each result should have a green Available Online indicator. Click the title of a result to view more information.

The link to access the full text is available in the View Online area. You may also scroll down to the Details area to learn more about the eBook.

Once you click the full-text link, you may be prompted to sign using your Office 365 account. You might not see this screen if you are logged in elsewhere to Canvas or your Office 365 email.

Next, a new window or tab opens with the eBook's details. The Library subscribes to several eBook providers, so you may see different interfaces. This is the ProQuest Ebook Central database.

You can read the eBook online by selecting Read Online or by using the Table of Contents to jump to a chapter or section.

To navigate the eBook, use the arrows in the top right corner or simply scroll through the book. You can also enter a specific page number where the page is displayed or use the linked Table of Contents. To search within the full text of the eBook, enter your search terms into the search box.

Most eBooks can also be downloaded for a specific amount of time but will require the installation of special software. Click the Download Book option and then follow the prompts. View the Downloading eBooks tutorial for more detailed information.

This concludes the video tutorial on finding and reading eBooks. If you have any questions, please contact a librarian.

Building Y, NW Campus

UBorrow from Lawrence W. Tyree Library on Vimeo.

Hello! This video tutorial will demonstrate how to use UBorrow to request books from other Florida libraries.

If you are looking for a specific book, first check the Tyree Library catalog, which is accessed by clicking Catalog on the library website.

Unfortunately, you may occasionally find that the Tyree Library does not have the specific book you are looking for. However, you can still check if the book is available to be requested directly from another Florida college or university. If you are on the Oops! screen, which indicates no results were found, you can click the Statewide Catalog link, as part of the third bullet, to perform your search in that collection.

Alternately, you may directly search the Statewide Catalog. As you type in the search box, you will see options to change your search. Choose the Search in Statewide Catalog option.

The statewide catalog shows books eligible to be borrowed from the 40 Florida institutions of higher education through the UBorrow system. Please note that videos and other multimedia are not available via UBorrow. Click the Check in other libraries link to learn more.

You will need to sign in in order to request the book. Click the Sign in link.

Choose the Office 365 option.

Sign in, if prompted, using your Office 365 account. You might not see this screen if you are logged in elsewhere to Canvas or your Office 365 email.

Once you are logged in, you will see the UBorrow Request option.

You will need to specify a Pickup Location. If you wish to pick up the book at the Library, choose the default Santa Fe/Northwest Campus. If you attend classes at an SF Center, choose the Center you prefer. You do not need to add or change anything else.

Items requested via UBorrow are typically available within a week or two. Check your SF email address for the pick-up notice. You will pick up the book at either the Tyree Library Circulation Desk or at the reception desk for a Center. UBorrow books are typically checked out to you for 45 days.

To view the status of a request, click your name and then choose My Requests.

This screen shows all the item you have requested and their status.

This concludes the video tutorial on using UBorrow. If you need help requesting a book or have any other questions, please contact a librarian.

Building Y, NW Campus