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Zero Cost Textbooks

What does Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) mean?

As part of a commitment by the state of Florida to reduce costs for students, a team within the Florida Virtual Campus has created a Zero Cost Textbook designation for online courses found in the Florida Shines catalog. This catalog contains all of the online courses offered by colleges and universities in the state of Florida. Students can search the catalog at any time to find open and upcoming online courses.

Does ZTC mean the course is free?

No. The ZTC label indicates that the course does not have a textbook cost associated with it. There may still be fees or other materials you need for the course (e.g., calculator, lab fees, etc.) but the textbook will not cost you anything. Please explore these links to learn the definition of Zero Cost Textbooks and review some frequently asked questions about them.

When you search for courses in the Florida Shines catalog, you can use the Search Refinements options to narrow down the search results. Click on the Indicator label to see courses that have the ZTC label. As more and more colleges and universities use this designation, a greater number of courses will appear with the ZTC label.

Search Refinements in Florida Shines for Zero Textbook Cost

Zero-Cost Textbooks @ SF

  • ARH1000 (all instructors)
  • CET1600 (all instructors)
  • CET1610 (all instructors)
  • CET2620 (all instructors)
  • HUN1201 (all instructors)
  • LIS1000 ​(all instructors)
  • LIS1002 (all instructors)
  • LIS2004 (all instructors)
  • MAT1033 @ NW Campus (all instructors)
  • SLS1101 ​(all instructors)
  • SPC2608 (all instructors)
  • Alois, Paul (INR2002)
  • Barbeau, Ryan (DEP2004, PSY2012)
  • Bechard, Allison (PSY2012)
  • Beck, Alan (POT2002)
  • Bianchi, Georgia (SYG2000)
  • Bishop, Sheila (HUM2020)
  • Blair, Debbie (GEB1011, MAN2021)
  • Blackburn, MC (BSC2085, BSC2086)
  • Carr, Allison (PSY2012)
  • Caswell, Chad (BSC2085, BSC2086))
  • Cervone, Sarah (ANT2410, HUM2020, HUM2420)
  • Charney, Lisa (HUM2020)
  • Crosby, Josh (ISS2270)
  • Cunningham, Jill (ACG2071)
  • Dagon, Aharon (MAS2202)
  • Dale, Elaine (HUM2020)
  • Diekow, Doug (SYG2000, SYG2430)
  • Etherington, Christina (DIG3347, DIG3414C, DIG4970, GRA2583, GRA2710C))
  • Felheim, Rhonda (BSC2085, BSC2086)
  • Fitzgerald, Leanna (LIS1000)
  • Fox, Brian (OST1793, OST2796)
  • Frank, Jason (SLS1101)
  • Gainey, Lee (PSY2012, SOP2002)
  • Gross, Carrie (DEP2004, PSY2012)
  • Gross, Kimberly (ARH2050)
  • Herzog, Vincent (PHI2010)
  • Hom, Bobby (HUM2020)
  • Horton, Gayle (PHI2600)
  • House, Mark (ISM4480)
  • Keefe, Patti (CET1600, CET1610, CET2620, CTS2321)
  • Keith, Ryan (PSY2012, SOP2002)
  • Kreitzer, Stewart (HUM2420)
  • Jensen, Steve (CTS2321, CTS2322)
  • Lempinen-Leedy, Nance (LIS2004)
  • Matthews, Diana (LIS2004)
  • McLeod, Marisa (SOP2002)
  • Miller, Jenna (LIS2004)
  • Miller, Ramona (LIS1002)
  • Pinon, Phillip (MAS2202)
  • Pomery, Elizabeth (PSY2012. SOP2002)
  • Pope, Jillian (CHM1030)
  • Shay, Tim (BSC2085)
  • Shepherd, Barbette (DEP2004, PSY2012))
  • Smith, Kim (PSY2012)
  • Sprenger, Audrey (SYG2000, SYG2430)
  • Tarbox, Scott (LIS1002, LIS2004)
  • Tovar, Richard (HUN1201, MCB2000)
  • White, Trenita (LIS1002)
  • Wuthrich Bryan (AMH2010, AMH2020, AMH2035)
  • ACG2071 - Honors Managerial Accounting
  • AMH2010 - US History to 1877
  • AMH2035 - US Modern World since 1945
  • ANT2410 - Cultural Anthropology
  • ARH1000 - Art Appreciation
  • ARH2050 - Art History I
  • BSC2085 - Anatomy & Physiology I
  • BSC2086​ - Anatomy & Physiology II
  • CET1600 - Network Fundamentals
  • CET1610 - Router Theory
  • CET2620 - Cisco Security
  • CHM1030 - Elements of Chemistry I
  • ​CTS2321 - Linux Admin
  • CTS2322 - Linux Admin 2
  • DEP2004 - Developmental Psychology
  • DIG3347 - Advanced Digital Cinematography
  • ​DIG3414C - Digital Cinema
  • DIG4970 - Digital Media Thesis Production
  • GEB1011 - Intro to Business
  • HUM2020 - Intro to Humanities
  • HUM2420 - African Humanities
  • HUN1201 - Nutrition 1
  • INR2002 - International Relations
  • ISS2270 - Multicultural Communications
  • LIS1000 - Basic Library Skills
  • LIS1002 - Library Online Resources
  • LIS2004 - Internet Research
  • MAN2021 - Principles of Management
  • ​MAS2202 - Number Theory
  • ​MAT1033 - Intermediate Algebra
  • ​MCB2000 - Microbiology
  • OST1793 - Internet & Web Resources
  • OST2796 - New & Emerging Business Tech
  • ​PAD3821 - Contemporary Issues
  • PHI2010 - Intro to Philosophy
  • PHI2600 - Ethics
  • POT2002 - Political Theory
  • PSY2012 - General Psychology
  • SLS1101 - College Success
  • SOP2002 - Psych of Social Behavior
  • SPC2608 - Public Speaking
  • SYG2000 - Sociology
  • SYG2430 - Marriage and Family

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