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The Library offers many books and eBooks to supplement your textbooks and support your research. To search for books and eBooks, you will primarily use the library catalog.

Library Catalog Video Tutorial

Library Catalog from Lawrence W. Tyree Library on Vimeo.

Hello! In this video tutorial, we will explore how to use the library catalog to locate items held by the Lawrence W. Tyree Library at Santa Fe College.

The library catalog allows you to search for books, eBooks, videos, and streaming videos held by the Library. To access the Library Catalog on the library website, click the Catalog link under the photo of the Library.

It's important to know what you are looking for when using the library catalog. Type your search terms in the search box. The default is a Keyword search, which looks for your terms anywhere in the library catalog. The keyword search returns the most results, but they might not all be as relevant.

Click the Keyword option to change how you search. You can limit search terms to the Title or Author of an item. If you know the Library of Congress subject heading for your topic, choose Subject. Subjects are like hashtags for an item and lead to more relevant results.

Let’s search for a topic. If you are looking for items about a topic, but don’t know the correct subject heading, use the default keyword search. This search is for 'wind energy.'

As you begin typing, there is an option to limit what you are searching. The default search is the Library Catalog. However, you can choose to instead search in the Statewide Catalog to look for books held by other Florida institutions that you can request. View the UBorrow tutorial for more information about that process. To proceed with searching in the library catalog, simply click the search icon.

All results matching your search appear. You can filter your results using the options on the side. For instance, you may wish to limit to a specific type of format, like a print book, or only show results that are available on the shelf.

All search results have a header indicating its format. Items that can be read or watched online have an Available Online link. Items held physically in the Tyree Library include information about the collection and call number. Click the title of an item to learn more.

After clicking a title, the full record appears. This provides more information about an item. The Availability section indicates if an item is online or in a physical format, and how to get it. In this example, the book is available in the Circulating Collection, and it states the item is on the shelf. An item that is already checked out will show Not Available.

To retrieve this item, write down the call number. A call number is an address for the item and allows you to locate it on the shelf. Call numbers in the Tyree Library use the Library of Congress system and will be a combination of letters and numbers.

Finally, click the Locate button to see a map of where the item is physically located. This identifies which of the Library's three floors you should go to, as well as the general area within the floor. This book is on the third floor, within the shaded area.

Use the call number ranges on each shelf to find the correct aisle.

Then, use the call number to locate it on the shelf. Items check out on the first floor with your SF ID card or another valid government-issued ID.

Back in the full record, you may choose to scroll down to the Details section to learn more about the item. Some records include a summary and/or a table of contents, which can help you decide if the item is relevant to your research need.

You should also look at the Subjects. These are the terms you can use to find more relevant items. In this case, wind power is probably the most relevant subject.

Once you have identified possible subjects, you can use those terms in a subject search within the library catalog.

You may keep track of items you have checked out and renew items, which is requesting it for a longer time period, by clicking Sign In.

Choose the Office 365 option.

Sign in, if prompted, using your Office 365 account. You might not see this screen if you are logged in elsewhere to Canvas or your Office 365 email.

Next, click your name and choose My Loans.

On this screen, you can see what items you have checked out and when they are due. You will be able to renew items here as well.

This concludes the video tutorial on using the library catalog. If you have any questions, please contact a librarian.

Building Y, NW Campus

Subject Headings

Try the following subject headings in the library catalog:

These are only a select sample of subject headings in the area of zoology. For more specific topics, try combining keywords in the Advanced Search option in the library catalog. When you find a result you like, click on the title to view the full record. There you will find other subject headings to explore.

Browsing Guide

The Library organizes its collection the using the Library of Congress Classification System. In other words, we use call numbers that have specific letters and numbers to represent subject areas. This means that if you look at a book on the shelf, you are likely to find similar books around it.

If you choose to browse the Library's zoology books, the following call numbers may be helpful to you.

Call Number Area
General zoology
Chordates (Vertebrates)
Reptiles and amphibians
Animal behavior

Reference Books

These reference books and many others are located on the 2nd floor of the L.W. Tyree Library and are available for in-library use only. If you need access to information in one of these books from an SF Center, please call the Reference Desk for assistance: 352-395-5409.